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Yes, I'm Changing by WishesareEternal Yes, I'm Changing by WishesareEternal…

Just sorta kinda vent art...I'm kinda depressed about stuff and I know this isn't going to get anything, I mean I'm not the most popular who will throw anything and get over 100 favorites...but I'm pretty content with this, it's my feelings that I decided to share instead of bottling and then being anxious like I have been lately.

I will be graduating in two weeks and it's been sorta a spiral's hard to talk about some things on my mind with almost anyone and even the person who knows it all I dunno when that time will be to actually have a conversation...but I'm trying to remain sane...though it hurts sometimes.

But to make the long story short...I feel invisible in places I thought I would not be...? And it feels hearing other people get confident and moving on just hurts when especially it's the people who not intentionally hurt you but did and meanwhile I'm so still in that sense of pain, and I just feel in a sense stuck and not sure where to go but low but also still stand up for myself and my dignity as a person...sometimes I do believe I am strong...beautiful and have this ability to pour out my heart with my art and's amazing and I'm realizing myself for it...and sometimes I want people to see that because I feel it's a shame how not just me but others have this problem and they're pretty good people.

Soon in a year I will be heading to a college like actually studying abroad or possibly still in the US but further...I wanna see it all, meet new people, make new friends and have adventures...though, I still feel like I'm gripping something precious to me...sometimes that thing slowly is starting to not make sense to me and it's becoming meaningless...

I wanna make a change and start to find myself...though I am trying...but I feel people aren't giving me flack when I am showing the real me...the person I was so much just shattered, my pride and everything just felt violated and I felt like a decaying shell that just wanted to break out but I wanted to be given the signal to get out and that someone would catch me because I feared I would land flat on my face, but the way I did it was just out of line and I winded up just dragging it on someone, but I really wanted to be saved for once...because before I always winded up saving myself.

Sometimes you can't turn back time, and even if I had that ability nothing I don't think anything could change...there's a reason for why this all happened and I think it's time I just walked my own path and just kept going instead of waiting for someone to realize what they had was special...I don't regret doing everything, or going out of my way for someone even though people told me it's not fair or right...but in the end I tried and that's all that matters...because what I did, I did it out of love...and I guess there's nothing I could do anymore...and if they wanna come along, I don't mind but...I hope they understand, I'm worth it someday....and when they change...maybe they will do the same for me.

When you love let it go, it's hard, it hurts like no's okay to cry even when you don't want to because you're letting go...and it's okay because it shows how precious that person was to shows you're an amazing person who can still love despite being hurt...and that love can grow into yourself and you'll evolve into something greater, stronger...spectacular.

Life has a funny way of working out sometimes...

chibipunk7231 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2017
*big hugs* You did it! :nod: :D Even if you feel run down and depressed, I am happy for you anyway. You've been through a lot this year not just with school.  I really like all the balloons instead of hats flying in the air. It gives this more of a sense of wonder! :heart:
SafeGaming89 Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2017  Hobbyist
Shoot, the video's not available where I am! >.>

But yeah, I made it clear a couple times there's nothing wrong in having a good cry to let out your emotions, but this is a very thoughtful and sentimental approach that you wish to make a change in life. :nod:
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